If a natural disaster hit could you survive? If you were on vacation and had a problem away from populated areas, would you get throught it? Your answer would be yes after this class!


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Survival Skills 101 Class
Survival Skills 101 Class



Dave appeared on Fat Guys in the Woods with Creek Stewart on the Weather Channel, an ECSI Certified Wilderness First Aid Instructor and an Army veteran. He is also a member of a FEMA CERT team, an active outdoorsman, and and much more!


Dave is available to speak at your organization or to put together a survival course for your company as a team building event, your family or any other group that may wish to learn these skills.

Survival 101

You don't have to be the strongest person to make it back alive. You simply have to be the strongest willed person, willing to adapt to the situation you're in and have a set of skills that you've practiced before needing them. Put those three things together, and you'll have the best opportunity to make it back home alive!

Skills Practical

During this class, you'll see a demonstration of a wide variety of fire making skills, water purification methods, shelter building, trap building, outdoor cooking,  wilderness first aid and so much more.. Then you'll put them to practice with hands on time yourself. The class will be held Fri December 11th to Sunday December 13th. about an hour North of Cincinnati.

Where you will be

You will be out in the woods. It will be cold (It will be December in Ohio). You will need to bring a water bottle and a good solid knife (or more than one if you'd like).  Bringing your tent, hammock, sleeping bag, etc. is all required. You will be outside from Friday until Sunday. Dress for the weather (Rain, Snow, Cold, Wind) we will be holding class regardless of weather (unless it gets ridiculous and is a health or safety issue).

What is included

- Friday evening 6pm until Sunday morning at Noon.


- Skills training to include fire starting, basic trapping skills, shelter building (primitive and non) water purification options, cooking in the outdoors, wilderness first aid and much more. Plus nightly gatherings around the fire pit to share stories, ask questions and build friendships.


- Opportunity to ask questions about building a "go bag" (bug out bag, get home bag, it has several names)

- Hammock Camping will be on full display with TrailHeadz Hammocks showing all of the options to fully outfit your gear. Plus most instructors will be camping by your side in their hammocks! Your participation fee includes a $50 gift certificate to TrailHeadz Hammocks!

Who should take this course

This class is perfect for the following:

- Boy Scouts ages 10 and older and leaders. ECSI is fully Boy Scouts of America Accredited.

- Other youth organizations such as Girl Scouts, Navy Sea Cadets, Civil Air Patrol

- Anyone who is an outdoors enthusiast who may find themselves some distance from emergency first responders

- Anyone that just wants to be prepared in the event of a natural disaster

- Anyone who volunteers or travels in other countries and may find themselves lost

- Organizations that work with under privileged and those who might be at risk to give them skills and confidence in being able to take care of themselves and to see that there is more out there to enjoy



What you need to bring with you

- Camping gear, you will be sleeping in the woods!

- Great attitude and the willingness to participate

- Pack a lunch if desired, but who knows what we'll find to eat in nature (Maybe we'll catch some of those wild hot dogs to cook!)

- Nightly group cook out dinners provided, camping style

- Any snacks, medicines or beverages you'd like or need for medical reasons

- The class will be held in the woods about and hour North of Cincinnati, Ohio

- Appropriate clothing for the weather, we will be outside

- Anything else not listed that you think you might need

How much does this cost

This course is taught by an experienced survivalist and instructor. There are also guest instructors from other courses who may join in to add their experiences and points of view. $99 per person over the age of 14, 10-13 years of age $79. Military and First Responders can register for $69 but must contact us for a special code before registering.  2 or more in the same family (or group of friends) can register for $79 each if registered at the same time. Please message below with any questions. We'll see you Sat Jan 26th, 2019!

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